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Brian Nyagol

C.E.O, Brainverse Technologies (KE)

Message from the C.E.O


There is no doubt that the whole world is in shock as everyone battles to adjust to the new normal in the face of the terrible Corona Virus. Aside from its effect on lives and the health of world citizens, there’s been an enormous negative economic impact across the world, and it will take only the strong,prepared and resilient businesses to make it outside of this pandemic.

Brainverse Technologies has revitalized its commitment to aiding your business be among the ones that walk out of this alive, and to taste the victory tasted by the great survivors of the Holocaust

We have directed the efforts of 60%  of our development work force to work on products and services that will help us achieve this commitment which hinges on our new priority/focus areas highlighted below. I hope your business can take advantage of these initiatives, that are built to help it stand the test of time. Let this period be a time for rediscovering your business’ capabilities like we did. You’ll be surprised at how many things you can do differently.

As your business adjusts to the new normal, I have a personal gift for you 😍. I will give you and your team a FREE 1 hour consultation on “Digital strategies your business can leverage in these uncertain times of COVID-19 pandemic,”  and I will admit up to 10 persons per team.

What's ourPRIORITY right now?


We've been at it, but we're making it better for you ❤

Digitization & Digitalization

We're developing systems and structures to help you digitize your business records, and digitalize your business process. Focus areas being: Remote Teams Management & Productivity, Project Management & Customer Relations Management.

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Technical Support & Digital Consulting

We are opening our arms to support you through this period. We understand you will have a lot of ICT and Digital Media related decisions to make. We want to help you make sure you don't regret any.

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Affordable Service Accessibility

We have reduced the initial acquisition of some of our services by up to 80% just so you get things going in these hard times. Brainverse PRIME is COMING.

Brainverse PRIME

Essential Goods Accessibility

We are working with our partners to develop an essential goods accessibility (starting from fresh farm produce) platform that will help the community obtain these goods affordably and effortlessly.

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Get a FREE 1 hour consultation on "Digital strategies your business can leverage in these uncertain times of COVID-19 pandemic."

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