Over time, we have gathered dozens of success cases from our clients where our products play part in the most varied application scenarios solving different problems of our day-to-day. We find every single one of them important and inspiring but it is especially heartwarming to know that our devices play a role in humanitarian causes saving people’s lives and wellbeing. Today we are excited to share a story we received from volunteers in the German THW organization, providing technical assistance in events like floods, traffic accidents, fires, power outages, storms, people gone missing, and similar situations of distress.

Special thanks

First, we would like to say a huge thanks to Vito Verde and the whole THW for doing such a fantastic job and for sharing all of this with us. We were amazed to find out that 99 percent of the members at THW are volunteers and there are more than 80 000 of them across the whole of Germany spending their free time providing humanitarian aid to people in the most challenging situations. Modern equipment and well-trained specialists are the basis of high efficiency in THW.



The volunteers in the THW department of the City of Pfaffenhofen are using multiple drones for various missions like Search and Rescue, exploration of mission sites, hotspot search after the fire, and others. After gathering the information, it needs to be transferred to different recipients like other response teams or off-site decision-makers as fast as possible.

As technology improves, the requirements are also changing. A few years ago, it was an achievement to get a 3MB .jpeg image to another team via email. Today it is possible to set up a 1080p Full-HD live stream directly from the flying drone to the internet, so decision-makers 50 kilometers away can immediately do their job.