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Having a website is not enough to get the best out of the millions of people browsing the Internet. Your website must be capable of:

1. Being found on search when your prospective customers need services you offer.

2. Capturing the attention of your customers the moment they get to it.

3. Helping your customers take action when they come like getting in touch or subscribing to your newsletter.

4. Helping them stay in touch like liking your Facebook page or following your business on Twitter.

5. Letting you analyse your traffic to understand your website visitors better I order to serve their needs.

You should expect no less from the website we will make for you.

See below for a full service description.


Our business website development package entails the following:

Domain Name & Hosting

– 1 Year Domain & Hosting Custom Email Hosting.

– SSL/HTTPS Security (Only with Brainverse Hosting)


Front End Web Design & Development.

– Sketching/Brainstorming & Approvals

– Theming & branding.

– Actual Development and content posting.


Communication & Access

– Live Chat for the website visitors – Including Android App Access


Content Marketing Readiness

– Blogging Platform on the website – For content/Email marketing.

– Mailing List Subscription & Sending – Integration with 3rd Parties or Local Mail.


Digital Media Readiness

– Social Media Integration – Cross Integration with Facebook Page and Linking of other social profiles

– Social Media Page Content Optimization – Based On Company Info provided.


Content & Page Optimization

– Basic Search Engine Optimization – Keyword Alignment, Page Level Optimization, Search Engine Schema Configuration (For Google Rich Cards)


Monitoring & Evaluation

– Web Analytics with Weekly Reports via email. (Integration of Automated Reports)

Information Needed:

– Write Up about the organization

– List and description of the company services.

– Contact Details of the company – About, team, Partners etc, as applicable.

– Social Media Links for the company (We can create if not available)

– Previous clients of the company and their brands/logos, and links to their websites.

– Some photos (If none, Free stock photos will be used.)








1No Web Designer

1No Brand Designer

1No Digital Expert.


PROJECT WAIT TIME (Grace/preparation period before the project begins after down payment.)

– 3 Days


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