Apps DevelopmentWhether looking to create a mobile application for smartphones, tablets or both.

...We got you Covered

We don't Justsell Applicationswe create Apps that SELL...


Would You Like An Effective App for Your COMPANY or BRAND? We Design & Develop Engaging APPS Like This Everyday.


At this Point Our Developers research on the content/info which should be useful and it's relevant, top ten checklists, and to your targeted audience.


...this step WE Get into Action, develop the web page layout, site layout, graphics techniques which include logo and images which helps in enhancing the design and App page construction.


Then, Arrangement of the content, page design, page layout whereby WE maintain balance, consistency, and the integrity of the design and navigation.

Implementation & Maintainance

...activities here include, checklist, File Transfer Protocol used, user interaction. marketing of the website, optimization, and traffic analysis.

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Blog/News App

Personal blog,profile & Brand
$ 250 / Only
  • Sleep UI design
  • Create/Edit/Delete Posts
  • Integrate Ads
  • Free 6 Months Hosting

Business App

Small and Medium Businesses
$ 450 / Only
  • 5 basic Business Pages
  • Contact Form
  • Add, Edit, Remove Products/Services
  • Free 6 Months Hosting


Sell Online
$ 1000 / Only
  • M-PESA/Paypal/Visa Support
  • Add/Edit/Remove Products
  • FREE 1 Year Hosting
  • Integrate Ads

Custom App

Small and Medium Businesses
From $ 1500 /Only
  • Free 1 Year Hosting
  • Account System
  • Social Media Signin/SignUp
  • Back Office

To save you time and hustle, we host your app back end for you at Ksh. 300/Month

Total business brand design
App Design

It's “Mobile Apps Technology”


Let “Mobile Apps Technology” create new opportunities to  help you do the job that customers want done.


Ready to take your Brand online?

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Ready to take your business online?

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