Business ChatBotGet a human like ChatBot for your business And Never miss any query from your customer Whatsoever.

Why ChatBots?


...First-level Support THATSTANDS OUT


Your smart Business ChatBot will help you give first-level support to answer common questions your clients and leads may have. 

Increase your website conversion rate.

We Believe You put a lot of work to drive traffic to your websites, only have traffic converted anywhere between 0.25%-2.0%. To that's Not Fair!

Combat Customer Agitation

Business ChatBot is a perfect answer to high-volume support inquires, especially where customers become frustrated with sub-standard answers. With ChatBot, you can boost your engagement strategy even further and actually keep visitors hooked.




Generate more qualified leads

It would be nice if you could talk to every lead and ensure they’re  fit before you schedule a meeting. In reality, that’s impossible for most organizations to do at scale. Business ChatBot can help use advanced qualification logic to do lead qualification and improve sales acceleration.

Bots run 24/7 on your website

70% of customers switch to your competitors if they think you don’t care about them. Bots are always available to engage customers with immediate answers to the common questions asked by them.

Guaranteed 70% customer SUPPORT AUTOMATION in just 4 weeks, to ensure your customers get the thoughtful reply.

Personal Chat Bot

Business Chat Bot
5,000 +KES 499/Month
  • It tells people about you and the work you do, your social profiles and how to contact you in form of a chatbot.

Business Chat Bot

Business Chat Bot
15,000 +KES1,500/Month
  • It tells people about your business, it's services, team, contacts, social pages, any custom information in form of a chatbot.

Bespoke Chat Bot

Business Chat Bot
45,000 +KES3,000/Month
  • If you have more today than static information, this is it.Define what you want the chat bot to say and conditional decisions to make.

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