4 Invaluable Ways Of Automating Your Business

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It is Brian from Brainverse. You know how we all like those things that make our work easier? Using your earphones to pick a call while washing the dishes; using the lift rather than the stairs, using the carrot peeler rather than the knife?

We all like to spend minimal energy and time doing anything, but still get outstanding results, right? That is what business automation is about – finding new ways to do stuff in your business that are faster, more efficient, more reliable, easy to use, and still give the amazing results you need.

What can you automate?

First, let’s start by listing the simple things in a small business that can easily be automated. I hope you remember, that it is the small things that eventually and incrementally matter in anything. Well, in most things :).

a) Social Media Posting

b) Saving Business Contacts

c) Sending Out Business Documents – Proposals, Invoices etc.

d) Meeting & Communication.

Let’s keep to that simple list for today because I do not want you getting bored.

How can you automate?

If you have read this far, you are truly interested, and I will not disappoint :). Let’s dive into how you can automate each of the items above, in an easy and stress-free way. I am going to add a bit more flesh to bring out the context too.

a) Social Media Posting

Time is a very expensive resource these days. In fact, it’s value changes depending on the season, time of day or the date of the month. So you want to be careful with the things you plan to do at any given time. This is the reason why you cannot take a few minutes at 3 different times in the day to post on your business social media pages.

With Facebook, for example, you can schedule posts for later, when they can be automatically posted to your fans. You don’t have to squeeze time in the day to make posts.

Twitter does not seem to have this feature but if you need to, you can check out social media posting automation apps like https://dlvrit.com, which you can use to automate up to 2 social accounts with 3 posts per day for free.

Schedule your social media posts - Brainverse Business Automation
Schedule your social media posts – Brainverse Business Automation


b) Saving Business Contacts and c) Sending Out Business Documents

If you are as enthusiastic like myself, you must have met someone in a matatu who you realized could use your product or service. You ask for their phone number and save it as Bonnie Website Matatu Lavington. 

Three days down the line, business is dry and you need Bonnie but you can’t remember how you saved his number. By the time you remember, Bonnie already met another person who sorted him out.

Let’s take another scenario. A prospect asks for a proposal, and your answer is, “Let me get to the office, and draft something for you.” By the time you do that, someone else has already drafted a flash-proposal and your client is gone.

This is what Diamond Platinumz calls, “Kunyang’anywa tonge mdomoni.” If you don’t automate, it will surely happen to you again and again.

Here is the good news. It doesn’t have to be this way. We faced this challenge at the early stages of Brainverse and decided to make something that works for us and not against us – The Brainverse CRM, a lightweight Customer Relationship Management system that lets you manage leads, customers, proposals, invoices, expenses, payments, accounts, staff and projects, all in the simple but intuitive platform. You want to explore what it offers? Just click here.

Brainverse CRM - Automate your business 100%
Explore Brainverse CRM – Manage your business like a pro

d) Meeting and Communication

Like I said, time is an expensive resource. If you had to leave Ruiru to go to Nairobi CBD to meet a client, you would spend not less than 1.5 hours on transit, and about KES 500 at the venue for drinks, regardless of who pays.

Alternatively, you could organize a Whatsapp/Skype Video call or use an app as simple as Appear In ( https://www.appear.in ) to meet your client right from your house or office. Create convenience, real-time face to face communication without having to spend anything! This is the way to go. You can always meet us at https://appear.in/brainverse .

As I leave you to ponder upon these words, here’s a bit you should know :). Brainverse Technologies was founded under the passion for technology and the use of it to positively impact lives and businesses.

We can help you develop a strong digital footprint and take your branding to the roof, and God knows what next. Take a look at what we can offer you here, and let’s discuss how we can be a part of your journey and success story.


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