BEMMAS - Bespoke Event Marketing & Management System

BEMMAS is your comprehensive solution for event marketing and management. Whether you’re organizing a conference, trade show, concert, or community gathering, our platform offers the tools you need to plan, promote, and execute successful events. 

Make your event work...

We have what it takes to make your event work while you enjoy the benefits and freedom that comes with technology.


Why Choose BEMMAS?

Event Marketing Website

Market your event with a fully furnished event marketing lading page that is aimed at converting viewers into delegates.

Multiple Evets Support

Holding a regular event? BEMMAS allows you to clone your past events or create new ones to re-create experiences effortlessly.

Event Customisation

Customise your event with our comprehensive content management system to suite al your event needs - Ticket types, pricing, info.

Registration & Booking

Discover our effortless and user-friendly delegate registration process, perfect for attendees of all levels and backgrounds.

5 Payment Gateways

BEMMAS connects to Debit & Credit Card Payments (Stripe), Paypal, M-PESA, KCB M-PESA Till, Offline payments and more to come.

Dashboards & Insights

BEMMAS event dashboards give you the whole picture on your event traction, bookings revenue and other valuable insights.

Complementary Management

Simplify the process of distributing complimentary tickets to sponsors, partners, or special guests while maintaining full control and visibility.

Badge Generation

Simplify event check-in process with automated access badge generation feature. Download and print personalized delegate access badges, for easy identification and on-site check-in.

Event Programme Management

Organize your event with precision using our session management feature, allowing you to schedule presentations, activities, and other engaging sessions seamlessly within your event program.

Event Material Downloads

Effortlessly organize event materials and presentation downloads directly within your event program. Customize access controls by enabling or disabling downloads at any time to suit your event's needs.

QR Code Badge Verification

The BEMMAS App offers on-site badge verification and real-time analytics for event check-ins, providing instant insights to optimize attendee engagement.

Data Exportation & Integrations

We understand the importance of seamless data management and our platform not only provides intuitive data exportation features but also offers robust integration mechanisms.

Happy Clients

Homa Bay County

BEMMAS was used on the 2024 Homa Bay International Investment Conference (HOBIIC) and at the Tom Mboya University Grounds, Homa Bay with 2500+ delegates.

Victoria Sands Lodge

BEMMAS was used to organise Prince Indah show in Mbita for bookings and on-site ticket verification with 1000+ attendees.

BEMMAS in action

HoBIIC 2024 Portal Launch

Hon Gladys Wanga, Governor of Homa Bay County addresses the media at the launch of the HoBIIC 2024 Portal – Powered by Brainverse Bespoke Event Marketing & Management System (BEMMAS)

HoBIIC Portal Lauch

The Homa Bay  International Investment  Conference portal powered by BEMMAS launched.

Exhibitors & Delegates at HoBIIC 2024

The event booking, payment, badge generation and on-site checking was powered by Brainverse Bespoke Event Marketing & Management System.

Make your event work...

We have what it takes to make your event work while you enjoy the benefits and freedom that comes with technology.