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Hello, I’m Brian, the founder and C.E.O of Brainverse Technologies.

Thank you for stopping by. If you are in search of a technology partner, look no further

Brainverse Technologies prides itself in a wide range of technical expertise. We have since gained experience and mastery of new technologies driving business success and efficiency.

We have come to understand that technology is a form of business enhancement and turned that need into our passion. We devoted ourselves to power innovations through rapid learning, and collaborating with various teams to deliver both simple and complex, short term and long term, light and robust projects.

Our team is always building products and services that help businesses grow their digital footprint and build internal operational strength.

You can trust us with your project and be sure that you will get nothing less than what you deserve.

— Brian Nyagol. CEO / Founder

Brainverse Consulting


To be the frontier in the provision of high quality, innovative, and user-centric digital products and services in Africa that will propel our clients to world-class business experience.

Business Branding


Building products and services that help businesses grow their digital footprint and build internal operation strength.

Our Core Values



We endeavor to inspire, promote and exemplify growth and development in all our work and relationships with and among our clients, partners, employees and the community in order to deliver a NET POSITIVE INFLUENCE in the society.

Altiora Peto

A Latin phrase meaning “I seek higher things.” We endeavor to continuously improve our products and services and better our relationships with and among our clients, partners, employees and the community. 


We pledge to develop and design quality products and services that are geared to meet customer and market demands, meet human centered design usability criteria, and free from malfunctions or bugs.


For everything we do, we shall be responsible for its outcome(s). We endeavor to serve our customers with passion, as if we were serving ourselves, and perform all work as if it was our own.

The team behind your screen

Business Support Division

Brian Nyagol

Brian Nyagol

Founder, CEO & Senior Software Engineer
Amos Gitobu

Amos Gitobu

Admin, Digital Positioning & Marketing Officer
Corporate Communications & Partnerships Specialist

Ms. Sheilah Karuga

Corporate Communications & Partnerships Specialist
Kelvin K Wanjira

Kelvin K Wanjira

Tax and Accountant Specialist

Systems Development Division

Erick Warui

Erick Warui

System Developer

Mobile Apps Development Division

Austine GWA

Austine Gwa

Software Development Specialist
Dennis Korir

Dennis Korir

Web Developer and Designer

Design Division

Dan Japheth

Dan Japheth

Graphics Design
Tina Nanzala

Tina Nanzala

Graphics Designer

Website Design Division

Ibrahim Okeroh

Ibrahim Okoreh

Web System Developer

Embedded Hardware & Software Division

Ben Salcie

Ben Salcie

Embedded Hardware & Software Developer

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