Should I Switch to QR Code Over Link?

It is unorthodox, to begin with dessert, before having the appetizer and the main meal (even though some people do this. No judgment here.😊)

Similarly, it would not sit right with me to dive right into Quick Response (QR) and what they are used for without taking a look at what exactly QR codes are.

What is a QR Code?

QR stands for the quick response and refers to instant access to the information hidden behind the code. A QR is a two-dimensional version of the bar code typically made up of black and white pixel patterns.

What are the types of QR codes available?

With QR codes gaining such traction because of their ease and speed, let’s take a look at some of the types of QR codes that are there.

1. Feedback QR code

You cannot make improvements or changes to your product if you do not understand the needs of your customer, or better yet their thoughts towards the product that is already on the market.

With about 48.2% of the world’s population using smartphones, feedback QR codes provide an effective and cost-friendly solution.

2. Social media QR code

In this era, social media serves as a vital tool to maximize marketing efforts. Social media QR provides a simplified way for users to access your company’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and the like. 

If you are promoting a particular post on either of the platforms, you can have a QR specifically for that platform.

A Facebook QR code, for example, will direct users to your Facebook page or even to the Facebook post that you want to promote.

3. App store QR code

An app store QR code not only makes it easy and convenient for users to find your app but also allows users to find out more about your website and connect with your app in a customizable manner.

4. Video QR codes

Brand transparency is one of the ways to boost sales. Customers want to know how the product came to be. Video QR codes allow you to achieve this in a creative and seamless manner.

On scanning the QR code, users are directed to a video or playlist that the company puts together taking its customers through a short journey of where they get their raw materials, who works for them, and how they get the product from source to shelf.

There are all sorts of QR codes depending on what you want the QR code to direct users to. They can provide a marketing and improvement opportunity for your company and even for your personal use.

Instead of using a registration link on your next poster, how about using a QR code and seeing the difference that it makes.

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