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Have you ever gone to a new place and found out that you are well known? How does this happen? Many of those who experience this are the politicians, musicians, and pastors not forgetting other media personalities.

The answer is obvious they are known for certain codes of conduct and words.

This is not only relevant to the above-mentioned group but also to every other person. I want to believe that this is what is referred to as identity. Identity originates from many aspects.

For instance,

When you decide to go to a town where there are shops that sell different variety of goods such as hardware, households and start your own business it will take time before you start selling and making a great profit margin compared to your opponent who has been selling the same commodities in that place for a longer period.

What is the reason for this? One is because your identity is unknown and therefore there is no trust from the customers.

The same applies to all other business that wants to excel in the market and industry your identity must be well known and represented. This is done using various brand designs such as logos, theme colors.

Logo and Branding

Logos must be unique for identity whereas the theme colors must be identical in all brand designs to maintain identity. A good example is Safaricom. I believe everyone knows their logo and their theme color.

There is no point one can confuse it with that of Airtel and therefore it has become very easy for Safaricom to sell out in the marketplace.

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