Tips for Working Remotely, “Make Remote Work, Work!”

Over many years, office space has remained to be a great expense. Issues range from expensive rental costs, environmental distractions such as noise pollution, and the increasing need for minimal supervision of staff relationships.

Addressing these issues helps companies and businesses recognize the importance of remote working, as working remotely is more productive.

Therefore, Business and Government stakeholders need to embrace remote working platforms such as Brainverse Technologies’ Startup Suite App.

A business support system bringing all business management functions under one roof, accessible on portable digital devices such as mobile phones, which can be used by Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs).

And in particular, the response to Technological advancements in the world today has established a framework for key stakeholders (internationally) in the Technological industry to fund such innovations, which will be our mastermind in future, not to forget M-Pesa from Safaricom.

According to Brian Nyagol, “It is amazing how the people that you walk with are the ones who help you understand how beautiful and how important what you are building is.”

This article provides a comprehensive analysis and guidelines to ensure productivity when working remotely, based on my personal experience and different set company policies.

1. Setting boundaries within your workspace.

The physical work enviroment has revolved around setting and attaining clear targets. Similary, the atmosphere of strict deadlines can also been applied in the remote working enviroment. Employees working remotely are the most disciplined and therefore are set to abide by the following boundaries:

  • Have a scheduled time for working and time that you spend with your family.
  • Inform either your wife/husband, parents, children of when you need concentration at work.
  • Have a separate working space, or secure a private room away from direct lighting.
  • Ensure you are in a total silence zone.
  • Have a comfortable chair and a table according to your work set up i.e., some staffs operate with more than one monitor.
  • Have required materials like drinking water, a computer, internet bundles, and a functional wi-fi connection. On the network tethering issue, it’s advisable to always have options just in case one fails.

2. Set your mindset to work.

Just before the Covid-19 spark, you could meet fellow staff dressed neatly and focused on achieving the company’s goals. As Covid-19 guidelines shifted their options to working remotely, many employees work at home in swimming shorts and booty shorts which should not be the case. The following are tips to set your mindset right.

  • Wake up early before working time.
  • Take a bath.
  • Dress neatly since you might attend a video conference.
  • Have a clear plan of what you plan to work on.
  • Comb your hair, your face including your head should be neat.

3. Perfect Internal and External Communication.

The significance of communication tools in effectively selling the business brand name to the customers cannot be underestimated.

In many circumstances, convincing the customers or the stakeholders to accept your products face to face is an uphill task.

In this regard, there is a need for a good communication tool that will aid in convincing your client.

The following are several tools you may require to facilitate your online communication.

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet
  • Zoom app
  • Telephone
  • Social Media platforms
  • Be quick in responding to your fellow staffs (Quick Feedback)

4. Take good care of YOURSELF

Your health as a worker is of primary importace if you are to effectively contribute towards the achievement of the company’s goals. Diagnosing of a disease at its early developing stage is preferred than waiting for it to worsen.

The following are tips to consider when taking care of one’s health.

  • · Eat healthy and good food- working remotely gives you the freedom to prepare long recipes dishes of your choice e.g., a Pilau dish.
  • · Do physical Exercises- morning runs, gymnastics, and take breaks where appropriate.
  • · Make good use of free time.
  • · Take sick offs when you do fall sick.

5. Take it Easy

Each company working remotely has clear guidelines on how they operate. Additionally, there are clearly stipulated rules and regulations on company routines and culture.

It is considered for one to balance both self-care and your contribution to the successful achievements of the company’s goals.

6. Be Positive

“Life is tough, my dear, and so are you.” Whilst working remotely it is apparent that positivity is key for the success of the organization. The positivity starts with you and me.

7. Create a Stress-free zone

Stress is common to a normal human being; this fact cannot be refuted. The following is an outline of ways to combat stress.

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Burn scented candles.
  • Write it down or journal what you are going through.
  • Laugh.
  • Spend time with family and friends.

8. Meet in Person

It is to the company’s jurisdiction to come to a concession to arrange for meet-up events for its staff.

These include Team Building, Camping, organisational Annual meetings which break the boredom of the daily remote work routine.

Other tips include;

  • Have two mobile numbers one for work and home.
  • Use a VPN.
  • Avoid spending too much time on Social Media platforms.
  • In case you lack a tool of work, always try to inquire from your company on the resources available to employees for remote working.
  • Don’t be a stoned face, socialize with your fellow staff.
  • Always take a walk.

9.Have a clear plan of what you intend to work on.

Managing your tasks effectively helps you feel accomplished at the end of the day.

Many SMEs are currently adopting wholesome solutions like Startup Suite to consolidate all their remote work operations that include task management, client management, and staff management.

If your organization is using it, you’re lucky.


In the study above, it is apparent that Remote working works only when you choose the desired platform. The startup suite App is here for you!

Moreover, the above guidelines will help you overcome setbacks experienced when working remotely.

It is against this backdrop that this article strives to offer business owners and stakeholders skills on how to work remotely.

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