How to Code for Beginners: Simple Way to Learn How to Code

The beginning of the year always comes with a lot of hope, positive vibes and affirmations, vision boards, and well-laid-out plans.

When I started the year I used to burn incense while reciting my positive affirmations before bed and after that, write down five things I’m grateful about. You know how it goes.

Week one going on steady, week two zeal still up, then in week three you miss a day because you were just too tired and by week eight, you will be lucky if you can light your incense even once a week.

I have found that it is almost the same case when you are learning a new programming language. I still remember my first self-taught programming language (You guessed it; Yes it was Python).

I was so excited and would tell my mom all about what I achieved that day and would even have her run some of my code, even though being a nurse she barely understood what was going on.

Then the plateau hit and the zeal grew less and less. The practical questions after each chapter got tougher and I started becoming a bit discouraged.

Long story short, if this in any way resonates with you and what you have been going through then let us see how we can get through and over it.

How do you learn whichever programming language or really any technical skill, get past the plateau stage and learn it well?

  1. Understand what coding is and how it can help you.
  2. Clearly understand why you want to learn how to code- There are various programming languages that are used for different functions; A good grasp of your intention for learning how to code will help you narrow down the programming language you want to learn. A well-defined goal will also keep you motivated.
  3. Get the right resources- Be it books, or a YouTube channel; make sure to determine all the resources you will need beforehand and get them.
  4. Get a support group– The best thing with coding is that you do not have to do it alone. There are communities that you can join and ask questions when stuck. There is also the option of getting a mentor or a buddy to make you accountable as you start your coding journey.
  5. Solve coding problems– There is a log of websites where you can find coding challenges. Challenges that can come in handy during an interview.
  6. Read a lot of code– You can read about coding on sites such as Github. Go through production code in the programming language you are learning.
  7. Build something– This is the main purpose of learning how to code. Be it the simplest game or a website; build something. What you build will evolve every aspect that you are learning.

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