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Android App Localization and Why it is important.

You have that android app stable and bug-free and starting to get popular among your clients or customers. The elegant design is lit and stunning, but the question here is, does your app support any other language other than English?

If your answer is anything apart from “YES” there is need to take action as soon as possible. As the internet is bringing the world closer to the people and making it a small place it is inconsiderate, to assume all your clients will use your app in English only is inconsiderate. In order to reach the global market, you need to incorporate a couple of international languages.

Basically, app localization can be thought to be adaptations of an internationalized app to fit specific languages and cultures in different parts of the world.

App Localization

Android app localizations not only involve displaying string resources in different languages but also involve choosing the correct formats for different data like dates, times and quantities (unit measures).

Most developers have been building Android apps using English language strings which limits app user’s understanding of this language. Mostly using hard-coded texts directly into the code which makes app localization difficult if not impossible at all. 

Luckily, Android SDK has a solution to this by using resources. Resources may include text strings, layouts, sound and any other static data needed in your android application.

An app can include several sets of resources where each can be customized for a different device configuration. When the app is run, Android automatically selects and loads the resources that match the configurations.

The main reason for app localization is that we don’t all speak the same language. To open your app for a larger market which translates to increased
The main reason for app localization is that we don’t all speak the same language. To open your app for a larger market which translates to increased

The main reason for app localization is that we don’t all speak the same language. To open your app for a larger market which translates to increased customers for your business app localization becomes a necessity. This leads to your app becoming a major hit.

Brainverse Developers

At Brainverse Technologies, our Android developers are specially trained on application localization. And we can help you to add different languages like Swahili to your android app. Our application development service presents this as an option in development, and you have the flexibility to leave it out.

As you may already expect, this will see to it that your app gains more users in Kenya and the whole of East Africa, hence broadening your business market. Sounds good? Do not hesitate to give Brainverse a test drive. Contact us today.

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Article by Kelvin Marshall

Brainverse Technologies 


Software As Service (SaaS) – Brainverse

SaaS; This is an easy and complex concept at the same time, so let’s try to bring it home. It is financially daunting to buy a large piece of land in a prime location and if you are not, for instance, a governor, It would not make reasonable sense.

Saccos have come in to buy such lands and subdivide to their members at much lower prices for befitting proportions. They still get the value and the pride of owning land in the prime suburbs. Software As Service works the same way, and you will see how in just a bit.   

The term SaaS or software as service was first mentioned in an article titled “Software as service: strategy background” this was in 2000 by the Software and Information Industry Association. It refers to the software delivery model in which software and it’s associate’s data are hosted centrally accessed using a light-weight medium (thin -client) such as a web browser over the internet. 

The following are some of the characteristics of SaaS: – 

  • There is easy customization of Software As Service items. 
  • Better access 
  • Multitenant architecture 
  • Ease of integration with other services 
  • Optimal operational performance 

Depending on the driving force to adoption, SaaS can be expressed in two ways as follows: 


The ups for Software As Service 

There is no need to buy application you only need to deploy them and maintain them 

There is no need to maintain the equipment and infrastructure as they are also cheap. 

The Downs of Software As Service: 

This majorly depends on the Software As Service provider, It involves more security issues compared to the other type, It has limited applications. 

 The architecture of SaaS: 

Any application which is designed for SaaS infrastructure needs a number of key issues to be considered to leverage the benefits delivered by the cloud. One advantage disadvantage of traditional application designs is that they demand more compute and storage resources compared to modern SaaS-based applications. SaaS is built on the principles of on-demand resource allocation and resource sharing among various clients hence optimizing resource usage and allocation. 


SaaS is classified further depending on the focus area of the software: 

Vertical Software As Service 

  • This refers to the software that answers the requirement of a specific for example software for healthcare, real estate, industries dealing with finance and agriculture. 

Horizontal SaaS: 

  • This involves the product which mostly focuses on a software category for example marketing, human resources, developer too and sales keeping in mind that they are industry agnostics.  Software as a service (SaaS) 

 SaaS Providers: 

Software companies that used to deliver their products traditionally have quickly jumped into the Software As Service bandwagon.  

Some of the Software As Service providers include Salesforce, LinkedIn, Workday, StartupSuite, ServiceNow, and Brainverse TechnologiesYou may ask, why does the SaaS industry sound so lucrative to many companies? Well, it presents easy to use, easy scalability, vendor accountability among other client and vendor-based advantages.  

The use of SaaS services is pervasive in the development and deployment of modern applications. In other words, the Software As Service methodology is very mature and would play a central role in future computing.  

Brainverse Technologies is one of the fast-growing technology companies in Kenya and Africa at large. We launched our first Software As Service product in August 2018 – The Brainverse CRM, a system that is built to help small businesses get a complete visual of their business, on a lean and simple-to-use system.

Over time, we have gathered enough knowledge and expertise in this software delivery model and we are happy to help your business grow and develop software that will give you an edge over your competitors. 

Whether you want to take advantage of our SaaS-based CRM system or you need custom software developed, we are ready to put our experience, expertise, and passion at your disposal, to walk with you down that path. We are just a click and a shout out away 😊. 


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Transforming Mobile E-commerce with Visual Search 

E-Commerce enables customers to snap product photos with their mobile device and search for a similar product online. Visual Search is an important business tool that is changing how people interacts with E-commerce and social media platform. 

Instead of using text-based queries, visual search engines enable users to discover and identify items through photos snapped with their smartphones. The growth of this technology in E-Commerce is led by customers’ urge to discover new products and brands. 

Example, Alibaba online shop which uses visual search to help customers find appropriate products in their large catalog. Alibaba launched its visual search engine in 2014. It rose as it for the last summer it was averaging over ten million daily unique visitors.


Pailitao users can search with an image and find matching products from among the billions of items on Taobao.  Pailitao covers almost all Taobao product categories, including fashion apparel, shoes, bags, furniture, makeup, and food. 

Pailitao has grown to integrate AliExpress, Alibaba’s international online shop. This is suitable for AliExpress because it largely eliminates the language barrier. For international searches among different customers as they can find what they’re looking for using only photos. 

Pailitao engine has also been outsourced to other vendors in the market. Samsung Inc. partnered with Alibaba to integrate the technology into its mobile assistant Bixby, enabling users to search for products by simply pointing their smartphone camera at an object.  



The visual search potential impact on businesses is enormous. For established E-Commerce retailers, visual search can help customers quickly locate products from a large catalog and remove language barriers. 

For retailers and businesses that want to get started with visual search, many vendors provide customized visual search solutions to simplify implementation. Here, Brainverse Technologies comes in. We provide visual search solutions to businesses.

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By leveraging our solution, your business can quickly start experimenting and enjoying the benefit of visual search on their own platform. Whatsapp us via 0719 425 584 or  Email us

Article by Kelvin Marshall

Brainverse Technologies 

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Applications That Thrive In The Modern Tech World.

There are a lot of changes that have occurred in the way that applications are made over the years. Back then programmers used to take months if not years trying to write software app from scratch. Despite being a good idea this was expensive in terms of time taken and resources involved.

Modern applications are not just complex to develop but, also need a lot of things to be taken into consideration before they can be run in production. Some of these requirements include:

  • Security
  • Total Availability
  • Self-Healing
  • Proper Testing
  • Auto-scaling


Putting these into consideration an application can take several months before they can be released to production. We live in a modern world and time is a factor in everything that we do so, we may not want to waste it on very important things like software that mean a lot to our business’ daily operations. Developers around the world figured these out and came up with the concept of Frameworks. 

Mobile Application

According to Wikipedia, a software framework is an abstraction in which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by additional user-written code, thus providing application-specific software.

A software framework provides a standard way to build and deploy applications. A software framework is a universal, reusable software environment that provides particular functionality as part of a larger software platform to facilitate the development of software applications, products, and solutions.

Software frameworks may include support programs, compilers, code libraries, toolsets, and application programming interfaces (APIs) that bring together all the different components to enable the development of a project or system.

Frameworks come in different type:

  1. Open-source (Free)
  2. Enterprise (sold)
  3. Language
  4. Environment

There are many frameworks out there and each of them comes with different features, advantages, and disadvantages. One of the most successful frameworks that I know is Spring. 

An Open source framework is written in Java language and used to build a modern web app. It was invented back in the early days of Java and have since been developed over the years into a very large framework, and one of the most used in today’s enterprise web applications.

Spring Having grown into a big codebase it became very difficult to master all of its components hence a new invention was made SpringBoot. This makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications that you can “just run”. 

With spring-boot, all the modern software requirements are already configured by default and it takes less than 5 minutes for an application to be production-ready. Programmers only take time to write features that make their applications unique and attractive.

Being an Open Source framework it is free to use and manipulate the codes. It is used by large enterprises like pivotal, governments, startups, students, etc. So why take a lot of time when you can have a production-ready enterprise application that is written in the best and most popular language -Java.

Software is the differentiator in most of the competitive markets to ensure you are facing your competitors with the right weapon which in my view is having the best software written in the best language and leveraging the right software.

We at Brainverse Technologies (KE) have enough knowledge in this framework and many others and we are here to help you write software that will enable you to beat your competitors.

Talk to us today via Email ( or Call us via Phone No. (0719 425584) and have your web, or mobile applications made with modern frameworks and enjoy what other enterprise organizations use on a daily basis to beat their competitors.

Austine Gwa – Software Developer

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Mobile Apps.

Know Why You Need Mobile Apps.

Mobile Apps: In today’s 21-century era, going mobile is no more a luxury for diverse businesses. Rather, this is one of the necessities, on which every business should and must give a deep thought.

Nowadays, almost everyone is using a smartphone. Hence, when you decide to make your business go mobile, you can not only reach a wider audience but can make sure to expand your business market as well.

Still not sure whether you want to invest in making a mobile application for your business or not? Read on to know why you should do so.

Audience Building

Irrespective of their geographical location, you can reach your customers at any time through Brainverse mobile applications. When customers have the app installed on their smartphones, there is no need of remembering the web address!

More interestingly, depending on what functionalities the application has, users, can use the mobile app without any access to the Internet as well.

Sales Growth

See, increasing the sales figure in the main target of any business. Now, when you opt for a mobile application, other than your website, you can reach your customers directly through the app. You can contact them, send them to push notifications on the latest discount offers, promotions, and bonus points to motivate your customers.

Other than this, with the help of such apps, customers can easily make online payments, which is more convenient in today’s technologically progressive era. In this way, any business can experience overall sales growth.

Optimization of Business Processes

To support a smooth business flow, uninterrupted communication between the employees is crucial. Apart from this, exchanging data and files, managing and monitoring all the processes, aggregating the statistics, etc. are important as well. A mobile app dedicated to the business can help to streamline and optimize all these processes. Automation of different business tasks would definitely result in a fruitful outcome.

Valuable Analytics.

By analyzing the users’ behavior while using your app, you can understand which of your products are doing most of the businesses. Moreover, you would get to know how much time users are spending on your application.

By analyzing this, you would find which functionalities are most and least popular, and based on these facts, you can set your next business strategy.
Additionally, you would get important data on users’ demographic details, data on their interests, geolocations, and other details that will help you to frame your next business strategy.

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Apart from all the basic above-mentioned reasons, such mobile apps can help in better marketing along with creating enhanced communication channels with the customers.

Mobile Apps// E-Commerce

Additionally, customer loyalty also increases.
This definitely helps diverse businesses to keep existing customers.
At Brainverse Tech we promise and deliver any App as per your specification within the shortest time possible.

Without much talk let get into the business,

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