Transforming Mobile E-commerce with Visual Search 

E-Commerce enables customers to snap product photos with their mobile device and search for a similar product online. Visual Search is an important business tool that is changing how people interacts with E-commerce and social media platform. 

Instead of using text-based queries, visual search engines enable users to discover and identify items through photos snapped with their smartphones. The growth of this technology in E-Commerce is led by customers’ urge to discover new products and brands. 

Example, Alibaba online shop which uses visual search to help customers find appropriate products in their large catalog. Alibaba launched its visual search engine in 2014. It rose as it for the last summer it was averaging over ten million daily unique visitors.


Pailitao users can search with an image and find matching products from among the billions of items on Taobao.  Pailitao covers almost all Taobao product categories, including fashion apparel, shoes, bags, furniture, makeup, and food. 

Pailitao has grown to integrate AliExpress, Alibaba’s international online shop. This is suitable for AliExpress because it largely eliminates the language barrier. For international searches among different customers as they can find what they’re looking for using only photos. 

Pailitao engine has also been outsourced to other vendors in the market. Samsung Inc. partnered with Alibaba to integrate the technology into its mobile assistant Bixby, enabling users to search for products by simply pointing their smartphone camera at an object.  



The visual search potential impact on businesses is enormous. For established E-Commerce retailers, visual search can help customers quickly locate products from a large catalog and remove language barriers. 

For retailers and businesses that want to get started with visual search, many vendors provide customized visual search solutions to simplify implementation. Here, Brainverse Technologies comes in. We provide visual search solutions to businesses.

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Article by Kelvin Marshall

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