Modern Application: Apps That Thrive In The Modern Tech World.

There are a lot of changes that have occurred in the way that applications are made over the years.

Back then programmers used to take months if not years trying to write software app from scratch. Despite being a good idea this was expensive in terms of time taken and resources involved.

Modern application are not just complex to develop but, also need a lot of things to be taken into consideration before they can be run in production. Some of these requirements include:

  • Security
  • Total Availability
  • Self-Healing
  • Proper Testing
  • Auto-scaling


Putting these into consideration an application can take several months before they can be released to production. We live in a modern world and time is a factor in everything that we do so, we may not want to waste it on very important things like software that mean a lot to our business’ daily operations. Developers around the world figured these out and came up with the concept of Frameworks. 

Mobile Modern application

According to Wikipedia, a software framework is an abstraction in which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by additional user-written code, thus providing application-specific software.

A software framework provides a standard way to build and deploy applications. A software framework is a universal, reusable software environment that provides particular functionality as part of a larger software platform to facilitate the development of software applications, products, and solutions.

Software frameworks may include support programs, compilers, code libraries, toolsets, and application programming interfaces (APIs) that bring together all the different components to enable the development of a project or system.

Frameworks come in different type:

  1. Open-source (Free)
  2. Enterprise (sold)
  3. Language
  4. Environment

There are many frameworks out there and each of them comes with different features, advantages, and disadvantages. One of the most successful frameworks that I know is Spring. 

An Open source framework is written in Java language and used to build a modern web app. It was invented back in the early days of Java and have since been developed over the years into a very large framework, and one of the most used in today’s enterprise web applications.

Spring Having grown into a big codebase it became very difficult to master all of its components hence a new invention was made SpringBoot. This makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications that you can “just run”. 

With spring-boot, all the Modern application software requirements are already configured by default and it takes less than 5 minutes for an application to be production-ready. Programmers only take time to write features that make their applications unique and attractive.

Being an Open Source framework it is free to use and manipulate the codes. It is used by large enterprises like pivotal, governments, startups, students, etc. So why take a lot of time when you can have a production-ready enterprise application that is written in the best and most popular language -Java.

Software is the differentiator in most of the competitive markets to ensure you are facing your competitors with the right weapon which in my view is having the best software written in the best language and leveraging the right software.

We at Brainverse Technologies (KE) have enough knowledge in this Modern application framework and many others and we are here to help you write software that will enable you to beat your competitors.

Talk to us today via Email ( or Call us via Phone No. (0719 425584) and have your web, or mobile applications made with modern frameworks and enjoy what other enterprise organizations use on a daily basis to beat their competitors.

Austine Gwa – Software Developer

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