How Internet Technology Is Creating a WORLD of Impossibilities

The question of whether the internet is creating a world of limitless possibilities comes with an obvious answer ‘Yes’. The term internet is defined as a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide.

In simple terms, it is a network of networks owned by the public and private networks of local to global scope, linked together by a broad array of electronic and optical networking technologies.

Historically, the internet was one of the projects by MIT’s Mac in 1960, which was then funded by ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) of the Military Department. ARPA rolled out the blueprints thus networking a dozen institutions leading to the name ARPAnet.

The predecessor to today’s internet. At the time most fortunate institutions were to be connected with communication lines at a stunning 56 Kbps.

In recent times, the internet evolution has risen steeply making it a world full of new experiences as it enables you to communicate with users in other countries, take part in internet game tryouts which are a good form of entertainment, and participate in group chats which act as an educational platform. Below, are some of the advantages of the internet.

Electronic mail (E-mail)

Email is a system transmitting information from one computer to the other. If your organization is running under email subscriptions you are very lucky, since sharing information via email is the most common feature of the internet.

It has also been proven that mailing is less expensive compared to other sources of communication, easy to manage, and most reliable as it automatically backs up your data for future reference.


Information is a key aspect to the success of any organization. The internet provides you with a variety of researches that you crave to learn from out of curiosity.

This is because of the world wide web (www), the worldwide computer network is a collection of hyperlinked web pages published on the internet e.g.,

Whenever you click on the link, it will automatically redirect you to the Brainverse Technologies home page, displaying information on the services offered by Brainverse, a Kenyan-based software developing company that takes your business online at affordable prices. Furthermore, you can review newspapers, educational journals, and trending hashtags on digital media.


The internet is full of programs that aid in our day-to-day activities in an office. These programs range from word processors, spreadsheets, electronic cards, and much more.

Also, by visiting online platforms, you can browse the latest software version that is compatible with your machine and download it. Unfortunately, these programs cost money, but some developers offer free trials for up to a month or so giving you free experience on the program upon subscriptions.


In today’s world, the internet offers vast opportunities in the entertainment field. Although YouTube is an educational platform, it also offers a variety of entertaining sessions that keep you glued to the mobile phone for hours.

Other social media include WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc., which are popular social networking sites. The internet has a variety of online games which are simple e.g., car racing, temple run, bus parking, fruit killer, and much more. The internet also allows you to review the latest movies and television shows.

Online chats/ Meetings(chat groups/rooms)

This allows you to connect with a group of people from anywhere around the world through the internet. Since COVID-19 sparked, many businesses were forced to go online.

The internet has enabled me and you to interact via an online call connecting with almost all workers at the same time. Examples of software applications that aid in these communications include Zoom App, Microsoft Teams, and Google meet.

Online trading and advertising (e-commerce)

Just with one click, you are able to view a business website catalog. By filling the order form and upon payment, you can wait for the delivery process at the comfort of your home.

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As a research tool

Given that many companies rely on researches to improve their performance, the internet provides the fastest information at hand. This may include, trending market opportunities and also shifting consumer demands.

News groups

Trending topics ranging from scientific research, entertainment, business, technology to politics are very fancy stories that keep us online.

Anyone has access to read such blogs and articles posted online and comment on their point of view since we all don’t think the same, as bloggers have a unique way of writing these ideologies.

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