Major Security Threats Affecting Technologies Today.

In Africa today, Nairobi is listed among the top five cities that are adopting new technologies. It is quite evident that Technology has risen steeply with innovators coming up with problem-solving ideas that aid in our day-to-day activities.

Kenya’s smart cities Tatu and Konza which are currently underway will automate many sectors in our lives.

Unlike the Nairobi we know, Konza city will be a smart city well equipped with a smart traffic management system, smart parking system, and also smart office management system. Konza will also be accommodating the tech companies championing the innovations.

Brainverse Technologies a Kenyan-based software company in South B, is amongst the winners who were privilege to showcase their innovation, Startup Suite in Konza. Despite all these efforts to have smart towns in Kenya, investors and innovators should be cautious on the below-highlighted challenges affecting the tech industry today.

1. Cyber Security

Cybersecurity remains one of the major tech challenges rising at an alarming rate. In these present times, both start-up companies and huge companies are facing serious threats from malicious tech experts with suicidal ideation on their organizational data.

Conversely, many companies continue to lack cybersecurity safety measures and are working with unprotected data which is prone to attacks. Currently, cyber fraud is globally targeting businesses.

Through the Business Email Compromise (BEC), the hacker is in a position to generate an invoice from your company to the buyer and channel the money to another account, a clear indication of why you require cybersecurity awareness.

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is also on the rise as many companies are adopting a remote working environment. This enables the business to protect their data from fraud, to work at your comfortable pace, and also provides information security.

Nonetheless, cloud computing has begun to face threats from unethical hackers who tend to breach the security features of your business data.

3. Integration and Updates

When a new technology is rolled out users are always at the forefront to replace the old system with the new one. The new system should be compatible with the old one so that there is a good transition.

Issues that arise include loss of important data, lack of privacy, and slow productivity.

4. Backup and Disaster Recovery Challenges

Have you ever lost a smart mobile phone? The biggest fear of most Kenyans is to lose a smartphone. Since it will take decades again to own another smartphone.

Also, if you have lost one, you are a witness that it is a must for one to recover backed up data, if it is available, for your WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and other communicating tools.

All users should back up their data to avoid great loss of data.

5. Waiting for Your Tools to Break Down

A system always needs regular maintenance, because if it’s not maintained, it will suffer a huge maintenance cost or the purchase of a new tool.

Why should you wait until a tool breaks down to call for a repair? Regular maintenance will highly prevent the tool from breaking down completely.

Also, as the saying goes, cheap is expensive. You better do regular check-ups to avoid extra costs and save on time for productivity.

6. Not Empowering Employees

Employees are also part and parcel of new technologies being adopted in their workspace. Once a business has changed its technological approach, it’s important to engage its employees in a workshop event, webinar, and Hackathons, to educate the employees on the new Technology.

This will maximize the productivity processes in the firm.

7. Electronic Payments

In this era of technology, mobile payments have risen steeply. M-Pesa by Safaricom is a good example. Mobile payment technologies also face limitations like Money Reversals and unauthorized users, which is a great threat to the security of your business cash.

8. Risks in The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is increasingly gaining popularity in the world today. This can be seen in the representation of gadgets and solid materials into scanned bar codes. Many businesses are adopting this new technology. Contact Brainverse technologies today, for your business is more secure when running under IoT. Having said that, IoT is also prone to data attacks too.

9. Lack of regulation of Virtual Currencies

Online cash, especially bitcoins have been trending in this decade more than ever. This online wired money has filled the gap for convenience in online transactions.

Nonetheless, it does not comply with any guidelines or taxes in financial institutions locally. This is also a threat to our local financial institutions.

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