Online Advertising

Get More Customers With 4 Easy Online Advertising Strategies.

As online advertising efforts involve a budget (money), it is best advised to partner with a leading digital marketing company in the region as they are well versed with all stages of the marketing cycle and can help you obtain maximum results with limited spendings.

If you wish to expand your reach, attain more potential customers, and multiply your business profits, online advertising is the way to go. By making use of online advertising techniques, business owners can grow their business and achieve great ROI on the money invested.

Nowadays, with the advancement in online advertising techniques, business owners can choose from a wide variety of advertising options based on their exact business needs and ad spending budgets.

As online advertising efforts involve a budget (money), it is best advised to partner with a leading digital marketing company in the region like Brainverse Technologies as they are well versed with all stages of the marketing cycle and can help you obtain maximum results with limited spendings.

In order to gain more valuable customers here are the top 4 types of online advertising efforts, business owners can resort to.

Social media advertising

Your customers are on social media and its time your business ought to be as well. From all the social media platforms available, all of them provide businesses to run paid ads on their platforms.

Running paid ads on social media platforms comes with multiple advantages for businesses. As a business owner, you can reach a specific audience group based on your business offerings and business objectives.

Meaning, if you are kid’s clothing brands, you can specifically target individuals who are parents, mothers this way, you can narrow down your total audience to people who are interested in your business.

This ensures that your ad is shown to people who are most likely to buy or make a purchase. By making use of social media for online advertising, you can leverage various types of ad formats that align with your specific business objectives and goals.

Tip: As we stand as the renowned lead generation company in Kenya, we suggest making use of Facebook and me to run your ads.

As these platforms not only are sure to have your audiences on it regardless of your business type they all guarantee a better ROI on your advertising efforts.

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising

When we think of online advertising, the first things that come to our mind are PPC or pay-per-click ads.

By leveraging SEM (Search Engine Marketing) efforts, businesses can generate leads and boost sales. PPC is one of the best online marketing techniques.

We say this because, think about this, the moment you need to find a product or services, your first instinct is to look it up on Google. Did you know, nearly 85% of searches find answers to their queries on the first page of Google?

So, the bottom line is that if your website is not on the first page of Google, chances are you are lost in the crowd and will never reap profits.

On the other hand, if you have observed carefully, the first three links on Google have paid ads nothing but PPC ads.

These websites generate highly CTR as they are at the top of search engine result pages. Therefore, by running PPC advertising campaigns you can rank your websites or landing pages on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Influencer marketing

Nowadays, this is one of the most common and highly used online advertising methods.

Each and every business owner is keeping a chunk of the advertising budget for influencer marketing this is to show the need and demand for this type of marketing effort.

Influencer marketing can be monetary or non-monetary depending on the contract or decided advertising campaign. Here are some examples for a better understanding.

Monetary meaning, money is involved. So, say you are a newly opened business and want to cause brand awareness of your newly opened shop/store.

You can go in for a paid partnership with a well established local influencer and invite them to your store or for your store’s inauguration ceremony.

They in turn post about your business on their social media etc which inturn adds up to brand awareness and an increase in your own followers on your channels.

On the contrary in a non-monetary contract, suppose you are a salon or spa you can offer the influencers with a few free salon/ spa visits, in turn, they could add a post or story about your store/ business.


As the word suggests, it does exactly that. It remarkets your offering to the user/ customer until they take the necessary action.

Have you noticed this? You conduct a search on Google, for example, red shoes and click on a website that sells red shoes. Later in the day, you go on to Facebook or a few other platforms and you see ads from this brand selling red shoes and other products.

Remarketing is nothing but a cookie-based technology that follows the users throughout their buying journey. With the help of remarketing, you can track visitors who visited your website and didn’t take the necessary action.

As these visitors visited your website, this indicates they are interested however, since they didn’t take any action on your site, you can target your ads to these users and compel them to take the action.

Online Advertising: This not only increases brand awareness but also doubles the chances for the user to revisit your website.

So, any assistance with setting up remarkable of your Business Positioned online, why don’t you take a step, and let us help you grow, we are HERE, FOR YOU? Just Leave your details below and we’ll call you.


Whether You’re Starting or Growing, We’re Here, For You

The saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. This saying is of Chinese origin and was part of a  Chinese classic text (Tao Te Ching) from the 6th Century. It means that even the most difficult and longest endeavors, always have a starting point. In real life, the starting point can be lousy, fuzzy, and uncalculated, but hey, this is where it all starts.

When we started this journey in the year 2013, our team was made up of 1 person and we had no clear vision. We used to design blogs on Google Blogspot because that’s all we knew. We ventured into a world not so many were savvy in, but we struggled to learn, both from our own mistakes and experiences of others.

Something for young people.

Then we started a project; one that would help young people on campus and college to connect, probably just like Facebook, Google or Twitter has enabled you to read this story – VibeCampo. We delved into the depths of learning both technical stuff and those that would make us, and our work is known. We settled only for this vision for 4.5 years straight,  while we grew internally but very slowly. Team, skill, resilience,  speed, aggression, hard work – these are the things we kept doing, and yet we weren’t perfect in them. We had minimal success, but a lot of learning.

Set for growth.

In January 2018, with a team of only 2 people, fumbling with a dream, a vision that would make us who we are today and who we want to be one day, we began a new journey.

A journey to empower small and medium enterprises to take advantage of digital technologies to increase efficiency, expand reach, reduce time wastage and above all, help them grow financially and build a dependable digital footprint.

One and a half years later, with every customer we served – designed a website, a logo, a mobile application, a promo video, our vision GOT BIGGER. We became SICK and HUNGRY. Hungry for opportunities to help businesses grow, and sick of seeing these same businesses plunder in imperfection, loss due to misguided branding and marketing priorities. We had to come in stronger than ever!


Time for more.

Then we realized there’s a Big Problem. In a span of 3 months in 2019, we had talked to 4 clients who were complaining about the ill-treatment by their previous service providers. Some of these were very sad and agonizing. As the famous idiom goes, “Never bite the hand that feeds you.” It is not worth it. Unnecessary and unexplained project delays, dodgy excuses for work not completed and so much more. We set out to build on this, taking it as our responsibility to make a difference.

Our vision has grown even much bigger, because our hearts are now involved, at full speed. We want to be there for your business, whether it’s starting or growing. We want to provide you with the most exemplary digital services you can ever think of and commit to delivery in full, on time and error-free. This is why, we’re here, for you.

Bigger, and better.

 As we speak, with a team of 9, and we are already delivering World-Class Digital Services that empower businesses like yours or your friends and help them spread their tentacles, fish new customers and build a credible, authentic and lasting digital footprint. With services ranging from Website Design & Development, Mobile Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Brand Design (Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Banners, etc), Web Analytics, Business Applications (Brainverse CRM), we can equip your business with the whole amour it needs for success.

So, why don’t you take a step, and let us help you grow, because truly, whether you are starting or growing, we are HERE, FOR YOU? Just punch your details below and we’ll call you.

With Love, From Brainverse.