Top 5 Tech Jobs in Kenya 2021

The World has witnessed an extraordinary advancement in Tech Jobs career developments, particularly in business and industrial productions.

Here in Kenya particularly, such remarkable rise is partially attributed to the fact that Businesses and the Government now acknowledge the role of Information Technology’s impact on economic prosperity.

Today societal and individual progress is to a large extent driven by Technology.

Tech jobs in the market are building on their competitive edge by not only developing but also maintaining a highly competitive reputation, sustaining the required skilled workforce, and enhancing the dissemination of desired output for societal benefit.

Below is a detailed research of Top 5 Tech jobs in Kenya today with the required skills and their importance to an organization.  

1.Artificial Intelligence(AI)/Machine Learning

After an adverse effect on the pandemic, companies have shifted to working from home as the Covid-19 guidelines stipulate. This has led to the adoption of a remote working trend as Machine learning has assisted in generating predive trends in a company production scenario for up to a month and so, using its algorithms. Also, Artificial Intelligence is a reliable resource in a manufacturing company today.

Required Skills of AI/ML

  • Have Knowledge in Programming(C++,JAVA,C#,OBJECT PASCAL,VB.Net)
  • Have Knowledge in Computational Mathematics
  • Be Flexible to multi-task(switching from one language to the other)
  • Familiarize very well with Neural Networks and deep learning

2.Data Scientist

The fact that data science is one of the fastest-growing career fields along with its terrific opportunities in Kenya today can not be refuted. According to Shashi Upadhyay,”

Data scientists are unicorns, they are professionals with diverse skill sets that are not commonly found in a single individual” a data scientist helps an organization to deliver relevant products, to a specific audience despite knowing when and where their products sell best

Required Skills of Data Scientist

  • Know Analytical tools(SAS, Hadoop, Spark)
  • Know about working with unstructured data
  • Familiarise yourself with Statistical analysis and processing of large data sets
  • Know Programming languages(PYTHON, PERL, ASAP, SQL, and Java)
  • Be good on Social Media platforms as well

3.Software Engineer

The latter part of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century witnessed a massive spread of software engineers across the globe.

The number of those taking Software engineering and  Computer Science courses increased consummately globally. A software engineer designs develop and implement core software systems or applications to create products and solutions for businesses and government entities.

On the other hand, Software engineering is a very wide opportunity of which you might want to specialize in a certain field.

Below is a list of development stages to be a Ninja software engineer:

  • Front End Developer- Is a computer programmer who turns designs created by web designers into functional, pleasing user interfaces simply using Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP.
  • Back End Developer- Is a computer programmer who builds the actual logic behind the application they are working on
  • Full Stack Development- Is a computer programmer who handles all the work of databases, servers, system engineering, and clients

Required Skills of a Software engineer

  • Have Knowledge of Trending patterns and modern software architect
  • Have Knowledge in Programming(PYTHON,JAVASCRIPT,Java,C,C++,RUBY,C#
  • Ability to learn new languages and concepts quickly
  • Have strong critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills
  • Familiarise with programming frameworks

4. DevOps Engineer

DevOps is increasingly taking center stage in the world of Technology as one of the highest-paying remote jobs in the market, amidst Covid-19 spark and the measures in place.

Moreover, the accelerated advancement in technology has stimulated innovative ideas across the globe. Hurray!Startup Suite by Brian Nyagol, from Braiverse Technologies.

A business support system bringing all business management functions under one root on mobile accessible SMEs.

Leading at the top in the Konza Innovation Challenge Acceleration program, a clear indication of this country’s move to Telecommuting.

Required Skills

  • Security- is a key factor to control the safety of organizations data
  • Have knowledge in programming(PHP,PYTHON,PERL,RUBY,C# e.t.c)
  • Being familiar with the platform since they are typically built out of conceptual stack i.e Operating system, tools implemented, and applications.
  • This list is wider and continuing but more required are necessary to master the role. 

5.Database Administrator

Over the past 2 decades, employees and employers have witnessed dramatic changes in data analysis strategies.

Especially, through the awakening of mass input of data that they deal with, in the organizations.

A data administrator is a specialized computer system administrator who maintains a successful database environment through directing or performing all related activities to keep the data secure.

With the uproar in updating databases regularly in an organization, individuals with the latest database administrator skills should enjoy good career prospects.

Required Skills

  • Know Programming
  • Know Troubleshooting, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Good communication skills are key in this sector
  • Know about Networking


In light of the above research, it is apparent, Technological advancement in the country today has made tremendous progress in defining career opportunities.

Many factors have attributed to the development of job opportunities in our country today.

They include a self-centered determination to acquire certain skills, innovations to beat new trends

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